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Colorado Snowmobile Trails

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The Trail Report posted here is for general information only and does not necessarily reflect the Trail Status at the time of your ride or the actual local trail conditions you may encounter. The information is gathered from club volunteers and is valid only at the time of their observation. Their observations may not meet your expectations and the conditions may vary from the time of posting. Conditions may vary with temperature, snow quality, type of terrain and usage. Please exercise caution at all times and be prepared for the unexpected. Remember that the trail is providing an off road experience that has inherent risks which demands constant rider preparedness, vigilance, caution, unimpaired reaction and smart choice.


Mining District
A visit to Leadville is not complete without visiting Leadville’s Mining District, which is located immediately east of and adjacent to Leadville. The main roads east of town and several connecting roads are groomed during the winter for easy access to the Mining District by snowmobiles, skis, snowshoes, or hiking. Grooming starts where the county stops snowplowing on CR 1 (5th St) and CR 3 (7th St). CR 6A in Iowa Gulch is also groomed, depending upon user demand and snow conditions
0.00 inches in the past 48 hours
75.00 inches
3/21/2023 2:31 PM
Trail Report
Good to go.
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Turquoise Lake Road
14 Mile Loop around scenic Turquoise Lake. Multi-user friendly so keep your speeds down and watch out for eachother. Trail runs both directions so you may face on-coming traffic. Beginner friendly with a couple of scenic off-shoots like meadows and ungroomed single tracks. Parking lot at CR99 and 9 - plenty of room for trailers, port-a-johns, and great location to meet friends! Additional parking at dam but that area is much more conjested so great only if you don't have a trailer.
14.00 inches in the past 48 hours
100.00 inches
3/22/2023 10:23 PM
Trail Report
The Lake and St Kevins was groomed on 03/22/23
Other Information
Do not park in front of either access point of the trail, after 5pm, at the dam (the cat needs over 14' of space to get though). There is more parking at at Leadville Junction parking lot. East of the tracks, by the bathrooms (not at at the snowmobile rental place/dog sled place). Leadville Juction is the best TH to use St Keivn. As always never park at in turnaround area at the dam. Thank you-